Team Training will get you in shape fast! Team Training is fun functional fitness in a supportive small-group setting.  ​Last Real Gym Personal Trainers create high energy, innovative workouts that tone and strengthen your entire body for every day life activities.  The workouts are full-body and high intensity - you will sweat and you will see results!

Team Training is a complete workout led by a Personal Trainer.  Your workout begins with a dynamic warm-up, a series of quick-paced and effective exercises, finishing with a cool down and stretch. Your Trainer will personalize your workout to your ability level and any mobility, strength or injury related issues you may have.

Full Body

Full Body is Functional Fun combined with Core and Conditioning to give you a one-of-a-kind full body workout. Workouts are medium to high intensity.


Gym Class

Gym Class is held in our classroom and is for all levels. Remember when your gym coach made you do weird body weight movements or lift something in a way that made you strong? Welcome to Gym Class - a functional workout that strengthens your entire body for everyday life activities. You didn't understand it then, but now you know that these moves work and you need to do them regularly.  Yes, we play dodgeball in Gym Class - and many more fun fitness games!

Core and Conditioning

Core and Conditioning is held in our classroom. Workouts target your stomach, hips, butt and lower back and teach these muscles to work together better. A strong and stable core will improve your balance and coordination and make everyday activities easier. You will notice a more toned midsection, better flexibility, better breathing and reduced stress and tension!  Workouts are medium intensity.

Functional Fun

Functional Fun is held in our classroom. Functional Fun strengthens and tones your entire body for everyday life activities. You will use kettlebells, rings, warrior ropes, barbells, dumbbells and stability balls. Functional Fun is perfect for beginners - classes are medium intensity.

Gym Works

Gym Works is a class that is held on the gym floor using traditional gym workouts. Learn how to use cables, machines, barbells and dumbbells. You will build muscle and get stronger. Workouts are medium to high intensity.

Gym Spin

This signature class is a heart-strengthening spin workout combined with a strength-building functional workout. Gym Spin incorporates warrior ropes, kettlebells, weights, plyometrics and body weight exercises to create an "all-terrain" workout that torches calories.  Gym Spin is equally fun for all fitness levels - especially beginners! Workouts are medium to high intensity.


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