Train with a Last Real Gym Personal Trainer every time you work out!  All of our monthly Personal Training Memberships include unlimited Team Training.

Last Real Gym's Personal Trainers are highly experienced, with expertise in diverse areas. Our team of Trainers pledges to help you live a fitness lifestyle by living a fitness lifestyle themselves.


What are your goals?

Reach or maintain a healthy weight

Muscle Toning and Weight Loss

Total Body Conditioning

Core Strength & Flexibility

Competitive bodybuilding, including pre-contest prep, posing, meal planning and supplementation

Total Body Conditioning and Weight Loss Strength Training and Muscle Building Motivation and SupportFigure Competition Preparation and Training
Postural Correction
Functional Training
Suspension Training
How do you plan on meeting your goals.

Express One-on-One Personal Training We offer personal training sessions in traditional one-hour sessions.  We also offer Express 30-minute Personal Training gives you the individual help that guarantees results at an affordable cost.Optimize your time in the gym and be more successful!   

Team Training

Train with an LRG Certified Personal Trainer every time you come to the gym!
Our Trainers create high energy, innovative functional training workouts that tone and strengthen your entire body for every day life activities. Workouts are designed for all fitness levels. Team Training is a complete workout - a dynamic warmup, a series of quick-paced and effective exercises, finishing with a cool down and stretch.  The workouts are full-body and high intensity. Team Training will get you in shape fast - you will sweat and you will see results!  

One-on-One Personal Training

Train one-on-one with a Last Real Gym Certified Personal Trainer for maximum results in minimum time! A LRG Certified Personal Trainer will design a workout program for you which is realistic and achievable and fun. Your individual program covers all of the essential elements of general conditioning, strength training, cardiovascular health, stretching and nutrition - customized just for you!  We have developed programs to help you make changes and keep the positive changes in your life for life.   
A UBG Certified Personal Trainer will design an exercise program personalized to your specific goals, your ability level and any mobility or injury related issues that you may have. Optimize your time in the gym and be more successful!          

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Hours:  M-Th 5am-10pm; F 5am-9pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Sun 8am-3pm

Personal Training is the quickest and most efficient way of improving your health and fitness. "Help" is part of our culture and we make it easy for you to access to the help and support of a Personal Trainer to meet your goals. 

one-on-one personal TRAINING

It's Simple!

What style of training would you like to learn?


Strength Training with Free Wight and Machines

Functional Training

Body-weight Exercises

Olympic Weightlifting

Bodybuilding, Figure and Physique
Suspension Training
Cardio and Heart Health
Interval Training

Highly experienced Trainers