This gym really is the best I have ever seen! I was a member at the big chain gym for about 10 years and since I switched to this gym, I have been amazed by not only the set up and equipment available, but the friendly and eager to help staff, and the motivational environment. Staff members always remember my name and best of all is the personal training! I have been working with a trainer for about 6 months and I LOST 40 POUNDS WITHIN THE FRIST 5 MONTHS!!!! My personal trainer is amazing at making me feel motivated and eager to achieve my goals. Our workouts really work all parts of my body, giving me an excellent full body workout. I look forward to seeing my trainer every week, I look forward to the feeling of accomplishment I get after every workout and I look forward to the environment of the gym! Highly recommend this place and the trainers!
I'm not going to lie. I was skeptical and intimidated about walking into this gym. However, going to this gym has been an amazing experience. I only used it mainly for the personal trainers and treadmills. 
Getting a personal trainer at this gym was the best investment I ever made on myself. I highly recommend hiring one. They are truly dedicated to your goals and go above and beyond in helping you achieve them. My work schedule has crazy flex hours, but they always accommodated my schedule. One of the best things I liked about my personal trainer was that it was never a boring day. Each time I went, I did something new, and each day I had a great workout. My trainer taught me good nutrition, new techniques, and was consistently correcting my posture during our work outs. I lost 25lbs and dropped my BMI from 36% to 21% over 3 months.
The staff is friendly, and always willing to help. The place is well kept, clean, and never cluttered. The equipment is always available and ready for use.
Excerpt from "Man Sweat"  Elizabeth Choa and David Lee, students at UCSD Film School, filmed "Man Sweat" with Frank and his team of Trainers at Last Real Gym for a sociology class.
The project received an A+.   See the full video here.

​​​Welcome to the Last Real GyM IN AMERICA!

We realize that you have many choices in fitness and we appreciate your visiting us now.

Last Real Gym is what gyms used to be - they used to be clubs where people came and saw their friends and had fun. Last Real Gym brings you to a time in your life where your workout is important to you.  Here, your workout is a major part of your day and you look forward to going to the gym.  You see your friends and your family at the gym and you leave feeling energized and strong, already thinking about your next workout.  You are part of a community who also enjoys taking care of their health and fitness.

Last Real Gym is a friendly and well-rounded neighborhood gym.  Expect to be greeted with a sincere hello and goodbye and random words of encouragement.  Here, its all about the relationship and its all about "help".  Help and coaching is part of our culture.  Last Real Gym Personal Trainers are here as your personal coaches working with you towards your unique goals.  We are a community of wellness-minded people and our passion is helping others to change their lives through fitness.

Come to the Last Real Gym and enjoy a real workout!  When you re-enter the world after your workout, you will have a feeling you won't have from any other gym - it is a feeling of wanting to come back as soon as you can to train again with your friends - and get in the most important workout, which is the one that makes you feel so good!

"This is my gym!!! U can go in and do whatever u need to do without interference. No women trying to look cute and taking selfies, no meat heads half naked or creeps that won't leave you alone...kettlebells, machines and the best part, u can get on the elliptical and people watch on University Ave.  Which is always a treat.  Oh and the staff is super friendly. The guy who always says "U did a great job" when I leave instead of goodbye, amazing! Don't let the looks fool u, if you're serious about your workout then this place is it."
Its official! I have now lost 51lbs since I kicked off my weight loss and workouts with THE BEST trainers ever, at the best gym ever, Last Real Gym! Thank you LRG!
I wouldn't go to this gym unless you ENJOY sweat! It's motto is "the last real gym", and being a former 24 hour fitness member, I really appreciate the slogan. Come here to work out, leave the makeup and matching outfits at home. It's really easy to be comfortable here, it's nice being a female and not feeling like all eyes are on ya when you enter the weight and machine section, which is most of the gym lol. The downstairs has some cardio machines, but it's mostly resistance training.  Upstairs is a nice open space to do circuit training, and where most of the classes are. BTW The classes are killer, and truly kick your butt.
The owner truly cares about you, and the trainers are all super likable, offer help often, and don't pressure you into buying sessions like a creepy old used car salesman.  I've never had to wait for a machine or weight like my previous gym, I'm in and out dripping with sweat in less than an hour.  Love Last Real Gym, so clutch!
"This is a great gym.  The staff is very friendly and do their best to remember every members name.  The owner, Frank, is there every day and is super friendly.  The classes are taught by trainers and not some aerobics instructor.  The trainers are awesome! Very knowledgeable and no pressure sales. If you need or want results, sign up at Last Real Gym!"
This gym is awesome! Everyone is super friendly and are serious about being there to help you with your goals. There is a great community vibe that you can't get at a chain gym. There is a lot of space for weights and no pressure to rush through your sets. Even when it is crowded between 5-7PM there is still room...there is no initiation fee and you get a free personal training consultation that can really just be about helping you with your routine.
If you live in this area, I seriously recommend this gym! Also, if you are a dog lover/owner, this gym is super dog friendly and has fundraisers for pitbulls and events with you and your dog.  Overall, if you are looking for a gym in North Park, especially to do weights, then this is your gym.
Shhh it's a secret.  I'm hesitant to write this because I want to keep LRG a secret.  But a great thing should be shared and good people deserve recognition.
LRG is the ACE hardware of gyms, meaning everything you could ever want in a gym is here in every corner, from machines and elastic bands, to classes and food.... not to mention the outdoor programs (yep, we can do it in Jan when everyone else is shoveling snow!).  
There is so much to choose and use that you have to look closely because it can be hidden in the ji-normous (larger than enormous) selection of machines, dumbbells, kettlebells, bands, balls.... not to mention the backyard outside workout area.  Makes me love CA even more!
It's always accessible and the design is very cool with brick walls & black beams, yet super-clean.  Whenever I'm on the bench press and see the black ceiling there is never any dust or dirt, even when the doors are open.   Yep, it's a secret that's deserve to be shared.
The is the Last Real Gym in America....the staff is really friendly, the gym is unique, there are classes designed to help you target certain problem areas, spin bikes, kettlebells, bumper plates, plyo boxes, pretty much any gym thing you could want. They make you feel at home as soon as you walk in the door. They also have amazing protein shakes for after your workout. If you're looking to get into shape go to the Last Real Gym!!

Our Message

Being relaxed and comfortable
with everyone and everything
Open easy acceptance and a unifying way of life
Each day is a special event
Treat the world with the attention and respect you want for yourself
Be  happy, peaceful and very comfortable!

3148 University Ave San Diego CA 92104 USA 619-795-9712

Hours:  M-Th 5am-10pm; F 5am-9pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Sun 8am-3pm