Personal Training is the quickest and most efficient way of improving your health and fitness. ​ "Help" is part of our culture and we make it easy for you to access to the help and support of a Personal Trainer to meet your goals. 

Train with a Last Real Gym Personal Trainer every time you work out!  All of our monthly Personal Training Memberships include Team Training so you can always have access to the help you need.

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Team Training will get you in shape fast! Team Training is fun functional fitness in a supportive small-group setting.  ​Last Real Gym Personal Trainers create high energy, innovative workouts that tone and strengthen your entire body for every day life activities.  Your Trainer will personalize your workout to your ability level and any mobility, strength or injury related issues you may have.​The workouts are full-body and high intensity - you will sweat and you will see results!

3148 University Ave San Diego CA 92104 USA 619-795-9712

Hours:  M-TH 5am-10pm; F 5am-9pm; SAT 7am-7pm; SUN 8am-3pm


Being relaxed and comfortable
with everyone and everything
Open easy acceptance and a unifying way of life
Each day is a special event
Treat the world with the attention and respect you want for yourself
Be  happy, peaceful and very comfortable!

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Welcome to the Last Real Gym!

Last Real Gym is what gyms used to be - they used to be clubs where people came and saw their friends and had fun. Last Real Gym brings you to a time in your life where your workout is important to you.  Here, your workout is a major part of your day and you look forward to going to the gym.  You see your friends and your family at the gym and you leave feeling energized and strong, already thinking about your next workout.  You are part of a community who also enjoys taking care of their health and fitness.

Help and coaching is part of our culture.  Last Real Gym Personal Trainers are here as your personal coaches working with you towards your unique goals. We are a community of wellness-minded people and our passion is helping others to change their lives through fitness. Together, we will set and reach your goals!


It's easy to sign up, online or in person. Your Last Real Gym membership is straightforward - monthly payments, no long-term contracts and never any annual fees. Automatic monthly payments are made electronically on your credit card, debit card or bank account. Your membership includes a customary free Personal Training Session and free One Month VIP Passes for your local friends and family with local ID.

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3148 University Ave San Diego CA 92104 USA 619-795-9712

Hours:  M-Th 5am-10pm; F 5am-9pm; Sat 7am-7pm; Sun 8am-3pm